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Top 10 corporate governance journalists, bloggers and tweeters

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I recently spent an interesting afternoon researching who are the world’s leading writers on corporate governance – journalists, bloggers, authors and tweeters.  I was surprised not to find more, so I have decided to share who I found and ask others to share who they follow on this important topic.

I was really searching for individuals but I also found a few ‘corporate’ sites, one or two of which I thought were worth including.  Here I give the best that I found with a snapshot of what each is writing about.

1.  Corporate Governance Research Institute, Stanford Business School

This is a useful site with a lot of data on corporate governance, as examples CEO Succession – why CEOs leave, percentage of internal recruits made CEO and more; Board of Directors Evaluation and Effectiveness; and the Wells Fargo Cross-Selling Scandal – looking at the tensions between financial incentives and corporate culture.

2.  Alice Korngold, Korngold Consulting

Alice very much focuses on sustainability and the role of business in global society.  She has a number of interesting videos and Dow ‘hangouts’ – discussions with business leaders on the issues of business and sustainability. Please click here if the video is now showing

I also like the look of a number of her books – they are on my to do list to buy and read! – in particular, her Board Governance for a Better World.

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3.  Professor Simon Robinson, Leeds Beckett University

This blog on Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility has blogs looking at the limitations of Milton Friedman’s definition on the purpose of business; the governance of football clubs (and the issue over fining clubs who allowed players to wear poppies in Remembrance; and a number around government and the role of ‘mission-led’ businesses.

The University’s centre is chaired by Lord (Mervyn) King, former governor of the Bank of England.

 4.  Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management and Audit

Norman writes about risk management from The Value of a Risk Register (where he asks that wise question, does your risk register help people formulate and then execute the right strategies for the organization to deliver optimal value?) to How much Cyber Risk should an organisation take? An issue that every board is – or should be – grappling with.

5.  Dina Medland

A former FT journalist, Dina Medland has her own blog, Board Talk and also writes for Forbes on corporate leadership, the boardroom and corporate governance.  She also looks at cyber risk – covering the Deloitte report which says that just 5% of FTSE 100 has specialist tech experience on its board.  She looks at diversity – in this case how fathers are sidelining their careers to combine work with family life – and the UK’s Financial Reporting Council asking the government for more oversight powers.

6.  Sheila Ronning

Sheila caught my eye with one particular blog close to my heart, The rise of the Lawyer- Director!  She is founder of Women in the Boardroom, based in New York, and their blog is very helpful for women looking to get on boards.

She says, if you “were to ask a CEO and his or her board to describe their ideal director, a lawyer might not have made the top ten list. But there has been a radical shift during the past decade. The old thinking was that lawyers were not necessarily welcome as directors on boards. The new thinking is they are not only welcome, but much sought after. Why the change? The profile of the lawyer-director has changed – to someone who combines valuable knowledge of the business strategy with legal and analytical skills – as has the increasingly regulatory-oriented environment in which companies operate, making lawyers’ training and experience valuable assets to the board.”

I have seen this growing trend of boards wanting the skills of lawyers to work with them and I think lawyers are increasingly rising to the challenge of being commercial for this role.

7.  Lucy Marcus

Lucy is a professor at IE Business School, a board chair and NED and hosts a TV series, “In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus” for Reuters.  She used to blog but is still a prolific tweeter on all board matters, with 29k followers on @lucymarcus.

8.  The Conference Board Governance Center blog

This site has a long list of contributors – nearly 50 and updated regularly. Some of it is quite technical, balanced with more general commentary; there are several around Donald Trump and governance issues.

I spotted Judy McLevey writing on The Materiality Gap between investors, C-Suite and Board, looking at different perspectives of what would be considered ‘material information’. She looks beyond financial information, observing that many investors now make investment decisions based on social and environmental such as recycling, worker safety, energy efficient products, diversity and inclusion.

She poses the question: “SEC rules require public companies to disclose the impact of their sustainability initiatives, if they are material to their financial results. But, does this go far enough? Have companies really made the link between their sustainability disclosures and their financial efforts, strategy, risks and opportunities?”

9.  David Cooper, Cooper Limon

I am hoping to interview David for a blog at some time on his views around succession planning. He is author of Leadership Risk and has also written a blog on Succession planning – the ‘black hole’ in your organisation?  Finding and developing successors must be one of the most difficult challenges facing a board – it reminds everyone of their own corporate mortality.

Leadership Risk book cover

 10.  Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart’s blog covers succession planning, digital, diversity, organisational culture and boardroom trends.  Last year’s annual Board Index 2016 has a particular focus on new director recruitment, independent board leadership, tenure and term limits, mandatory retirement, board evaluations and shareholder engagement.

I did come across a few other writers who had good content on their sites but it was not recent or the content was password protected – these were Fay Feenery, Risk4Good; Frank Aquila who writes for Practical Law The Journal; and Estelle Metayer,  There were more good tweeters and I will look at these in another blog.

I would love to know if you can recommend others writing on governance who would be good to follow and I can include in a future list.  And who would you include in a list of tweeters on governance?

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