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Our World…

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person-typing-laptop_-ks110180Our world has surely developed over the centuries. With most countries around the world having excellent infrastructure, man-made mountains injecting billions of dollars of their revenue to the world economies. Cross-border transactions worth trillons of dollors are made on daily basis. Most people can easily travel across from east to west within hours and there is no real need of travelling on mules or by sea anymore to reach your destination.

It was only about 20 years ago where people faithfully relied on telex. A today’s 15 year old may ask what is telex? It was a mode of communication which has now become extinct. With many international institutions around the globe fighting poverty to ensure that every citizen on the globe lives comfortably.

Above all, thanks to technology we have leaped a 1000 steps and we all now depend on e-mails and text messages. If we had to measure development using the above criteria then we should not hesitate to confirm that we mankind have done an outstanding job in making mother earth a better place to live in. With more technology, better housing, better living why should even anyone consider to complain.
The real question is that have we really made our world a better place ? How would you define “development”? If you are browsing my blog and come across this question, please feel free to answer and share your point of view.

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