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Basket of Mixed Emotions…

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It is funny how emotions swing randomly from one end to the other. We may at times, surprise ourselves with the abrupt change of emotions within and wonder why at the experience of a happy thought or emotion we are suddenly smiling to the world for no particular reason or when experiencing emotion of anger snapping at a layman without a valid reason. Women of course carry the famous reputation of having a swinging emotional tendency. Which obviously is not true and I don’t agree with, simply because both genders have a brain, heart and a soul and whether it is synchronised or not both genders experience emotions.

It is funny how we under-estimate the strength of our surroundings on our emotions. We also naively ignore the hidden emotions or energy of others and its impact on ours. We may also be ignorant of the slightest variations such as weather change and its affect on our emotions. Whether you know it or not, the fact is that no matter how sharp or slow the effects of our surroundings it has an impact, no matter how small, it has a powerful impact on our emotions and hence our behaviour towards ourselves and others.

As we grow in age or in wisdom we learn to take charge of our emotions or take control of our feelings. I must admit that this may be acknowledged as a very sophisticated aquired skill at human standards. However, sometimes whether to express bluntly or supress emotions within we may not be behaving justly to ourselves or others.

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